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Jay Quinn

Holistic Practitioner & Teacher     

Natural Healing Options empowers clients to take charge of their well-being in  all areas of their lives by removing limiting beliefs, transmuting energetic imbalances and providing education on maintaining balance.

Muscle testing is used to obtain guidance from your higher self and enlightened intelligences which have full knowledge of your situation.  The enlightened energies transmute personal issues and karma instantly. Specific focus is placed on transmuting non-beneficial energies that interfere with your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Your higher self guides the entire session and draws upon a wide variety of alternative processes to restore balance.

Jay Quinn

Holistic Practitioner & Teacher

Natural Healing Options provides the following services:

  Energetic balancing around personal and work relationships, physical discomfort, emotional pain, and mental trauma.

  Energetic clearing  of home and office spaces of non-beneficial energies.

  Small business consultations accessing input from enlightened beings.

  Healing art created with guidance from the Buddha realm.

  Educational workshops and individual private training.

Private sessions are available in person, by phone, or at a distance.

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Jay Quinn



Resonating Peace

In the turmoil of today's everyday world, it is extremely important to have and maintain inner peace.  The angelic realm would like to provide you with a simple process for generating peace within yourself, your immediate environment, and the world, if you so choose.

Place your attention at your "still point" located between your sternum and navel within the center of your body.  Keep your attention at the "still point" for 5 or 10 seconds or until you experience inner relaxation and/or calm.

Invoke the Angel of Peace and have her place a clear quartz crystal within your "still point" or "soul center." Within the center of the crystal is an angelic golden, sun-like sphere resonating the peace vibration.  

Using your intent, you can magnify and control the peace vibration with your mind.  You can expand the angelic peace vibration or field to every cell in your  body, your energy field, your immediate environment or the world.

Once set in motion the peace vibration will resonate for four or five hours.  Renew the peace vibration upon wakening, throughout the day, and before retiring at night.  Become a beacon for peace to enhance your well-being, the vibration of your immediate environment, and the world.

My peace to you,


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Reiki  Fellowship

Reiki shares generally held once a month.

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Latest News


Author Laurel Colless, a client of

 Natural Healing Options, wins

multiple awards for her well

received book, The Sleeping King.

The book is an engrossing eco-

adventure story for children and

adults.  Collaborating on the plot

and character development  with

 Mrs. Colless, Natural Healing

Options'  Successful Solutions

for Small Businesses service

worked with enlightened

intelligences and nature spirits

who guided the project every step of the way.

The publication has received several awards and recognitions including the Readers' Favorite  Five Star Review finalist in the Children-General category, the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs' Pinnacle Achievement Award for best book in the category of eco-adventure, and Dan Poynter's Silver Medal Winner of the 2018 Global EBook Award in the Fiction - Children's Literature Category.

For more information about The Sleeping King recognitions and awards, characters, and after school eco-clubs, go to thesleepingking.com.


Book is available in hardcopy, paperback and e-book formats.

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