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Natural Healing Options offer the following classes on a regular basis.

Angelic Resonance® Healing Techniques - Angelic Resonance® is a system of twenty angelic healing techniques provided by Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel and Metatron.

Angelic Resonance® Soul Symbols Class© - The Soul Symbols© Class introduces students of Angelic Resonance® to 45 soul symbols that can be applied quickly to help you manage your mental emotional, physical, spiritual and personal destiny.

Energetic Clearing & Balancing© Workshop - The Energetic Clearing & Balancing© workshop teaches how to draw upon angelic and enlightened energies to balance inner personal discord and interfering external energies in your environment.

Dealing with Non-Beneficial Energies© Workshop - The Dealing with Non-Beneficial Energies© workshop is tailored for individuals who are sensitive to non-beneficial energies.

Inner & Outer Teachings© - The Inner and Outer Teachings© is a philosophical and practical approach for living life more powerfully.  Throughout the course you will learn how unresolved aspects in your inner world affect what shows up in your outer, everyday reality and how energies in your outer environment affect your inner peace and state of being.  

Clearings for Prosperity© Workshop for Realtors - The Clearings for Prosperity© workshop is designed for realtors who want to learn how to clear negative interfering influences and enhance the positive energy of their real estate listings.

Universal Wisdom Reiki© - Universal Wisdom Reiki facilitates access to universal wisdom.

Spiritual Reiki Teachings© - The Spiritual Reiki Teachings are a composite of three forms of Reiki (ȢAsethia Reiki, Esthesia Reiki, and Udasina Reiki) designed to speed your spiritual growth and attainment.  

Accessing Unconscious Information via Muscle Testing© - This class teaches how to use muscle testing to access unconscious information from a wide variety of sources using various dowsing instruments


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