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Archangel Michael’s Archived Messages

Connecting With Your "Inner Knowing" - November 2016

When on the earth plane, it is easy to get distracted and disconnected from your inner knowing.  When in this state of "disconnectedness", it is easy to drift through life with no apparent focus.  When in this state you become less vibrant in your relationships and what you do in life.  It is impossible to live a purposeful life and spiritually evolve.

To shift into or connect with your true nature, you need to connect with your inner knowing.  You do this by directing your awareness inward.  You do this by placing your focus over your chest area then slowly bring your awareness inward to the center of your chest.  Then gradually move your awareness downward until you feel a peaceful connection.  This is your place of inner knowing or truth.  In this space you are connected to the Divine and your own inner knowingness.  Within this place there is only truth.  It is a good place to go on a daily basis and when you are making major life decisions.  

It is a powerful place to be.  So go there often.

My peace to you,