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Staying Centered in Trying Times - August 2017

There are times when life feels difficult, you become unsure of yourself, and lose your centeredness. These are the periods when your spiritual practices get you through the low cycles of life.

It is important during these times that you stay centered and grounded.  Here is a meditative practice which will quickly bring you back into balance.

Take a moment to connect to the God Consciousness within.  You do this by putting your focus of  attention about two to three inches below the sternum and sink your awareness to the center of your body.  This is your "still point" where you will find inner peace and calm.  Hold your focus at the "still point" for a minute or two.  See a inner flame and know that all is well despite what is going on around you.  Now bring your awareness to the center of the flame.  Connect to your inner wisdom.  See your inner wisdom expand to fill your entire physical body and energy field.  Have your inner wisdom communicated to your bodily awareness and shift your state of being to one of inner calm and connectedness with all of life.  Feel the vibration of creation and know that it sustains your existence.  It supports your every need without fail. Choose to become one with "All That Is".  In  this moment all is well.  Now gradually come back into your body and gently open your eyes.

Do this practice as often as you like.

My peace to you,


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