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Jay’s Healing Journey

“I woke up on the Friday morning after your session...and realized that I felt so light, empty, and free inside - a new feeling I can’t quite describe.

I use to be able to chant off stuff that my ex-husband had done which gave it energy and make me angry, knowing it was in the past, but I kept it alive - that is all gone now.  Those things are all a distant memory and if I do re-call something, there is no emotion behind it.

Jay, “thank you” is such a commonly used word, but I say it from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for my new beginning.”

- Cynthia Zwick

Jay’s Healing Training

As with most healing practitioners, I ventured into the healing profession as a means to heal my traumatic childhood.  Growing up with seven siblings in chaotic surroundings, I coped by withdrawing into myself and was extremely introverted as a young adult.  It made my entry into the corporate world very stressful and difficult.

Basically my whole life has been focused on healing myself, exploring the metaphysical planes and eventually, as I became more adept, working with my spiritual guides to bring  in new healing techniques and symbols to help myself and others.  I work on myself everyday.

I have studied a wide variety of healing techniques and modalities because I haven’t found any one discipline that works with all situations. My muscle testing skills gained while the studying several Eastern-based kinesiology disciplines help integrate and tie all my healing techniques together.  Imbalances which took an hour to clear earlier in my career now only take a few seconds through the intercession of enlightened beings.  When working with clients, muscle testing allows the client’s higher self to guide the entire session and select the modalities to bring the situation back into balance.   

My sensitivity to negative energies led me to formally study Buddhism, which acknowledges these energies and provides means to alleviate and avert them.  Buddhism is more congruent with my current philosophical  and metaphysical beliefs than the Catholicism into which I was born.

My two guiding healing principles are that 1) the body is naturally supported by the universe to bring itself back into balance and 2) where there is a will, there is a way.

At this stage in my career, I consider myself an intuitive, Buddhist practitioner, shaman, angelic facilitator and teacher.


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