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Completed Silva Mind Control, Dale Carnegie, Acting for Fun, and  Neuro-Linguistic Programing courses.

Met and studied with my spiritual teacher, Rev. Ellen Resch, & became a minister in her spiritual science church - Temple for Buddhist Learning and Enlightenment.

Trained in four Eastern kinesiology modalities:

Studied with Reiki Plus® Institute programs under David Jarrell:

Volunteered at Institute for Advancement of Service with Susan Trout, PhD.

           Completed the following programs :

            Facilitated the following groups:

          Trained in:

Completed module 1 of  The Bowen Technique with Vicki Mechner.

Jay’s Healing Training

Completed program with Master Edgar Sung on Balancing Your Health Through Feng Shui.

Vajrayana Buddhist Studies - Formerly studied and practiced Vajrayana Buddhist ceremonies and pujras for 3 or 4 years. Gained the ability to generate over ten Buddhist deities and integrated their miraculous activities  into my healing practice.

Shamanism - self  taught based upon readings and skills gained in mastering Buddhist miraculous activities.

Landmark Education - Completed the following programs:

Bon Buddhism - took a week-long retreat with Lama Tenzin Wangyal Rinproche and learned the healing practice of the The Five Elemental Goddesses.

Completed the Balancing Program with Sarah Robias.

Angelic Resonance® - 20 angelic healing techniques were provided to me in 2008/2009 by the angelic realm. I began teaching these simple yet powerful healing techniques in late summer of  2009.

Shortly after the Angelic Resonance teachings came through, the Hierarchal Angels provided over 100 Soul Symbols©.  These symbols have since been compiled into a class, cards and coloring book for individuals use in class and for their personal healing work..

Completed the ThetaHealing® Basic Course which allows a means to balance subconscious beliefs that get in the way of our true potential.

Over the past several years I have done extensive work with Dr. David Bone, a chiropractor who works adeptly with energy interferences.  I have broadened my understanding and developed my abilities to recognize and deal with the various non-beneficial energies that interfere with our well-being.

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