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What is Healing Art?

Healing Art reflects personalized vibrations that an individual requires on a soul level around a specific topic that needs balancing.  The theme is selected by the Buddha Mind and becomes the focus of intent until the painting is completed. An energetic duplicate of the painting is stored in the Buddha Realm and operates like a hologram on personal imbalances and latencies until equilibrium is obtained.  The theme and time period for manifestation vary for each project.  The healing starts as soon as the art piece is completed.  A physical copy of the original is not needed by the patron for healing to take place.  Reproductions of the artwork maintain the healing properties of the original art piece.

The Process

The healing paintings come from the Buddha Mind and they manifest based upon the vibration of colors, strokes, layers and brilliance emanating from the Buddha Realm.  Jay works with an etheric painting coach who provides instruction on the colors, shapes, and when the painting is complete. 

About the Artist

The artist, Jay Quinn, is a healing practitioner who has studied various healing arts for more than 30 years. He is a trained kinesiologist and is proficient in three Eastern-based healing approaches focusing on the Five Elements and meridians of the body.  He spent many years as a Buddhist practitioner and has integrated these traditional approaches into his healing practice.  

Over the past five years, Jay has worked extensively with the angelic realm who provided him with simple but powerful angelic healing techniques designed to ease pain and suffering and advance spiritual growth.  Jay also is skilled in bringing in angelic healing symbols to transform everyday experiences.  

Spirit has asked Jay  to create these healing paintings.  The privilege to serve in this way draws upon the artistic talents Jay cultivated during his youth and later as a decorative painter.


Watercolor & acrylics

Approximate Size:

11 inches x 15 inches