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“Things had been going downhill at my business; co-workers weren’t getting along, sales were down, machines were always breaking, chaos ruled. Jay checked into our situation and found some extreme energy vortexes. It was hard to imagine that simply clearing these unseen forces could really change things. But after Jay worked on the building, it was as if a storm had passed. Sales almost doubled. Our business became a fun place to work, and even the computers seemed to work better.  Jay’s work is very special and greatly needed in our world. It is not about fortune telling and hoopla. It is about healing relationships and helping people be at their best. His work helps people have a better chance at success and function with more love and abundance.” - Patrick

“In a recent session with Jay I experienced a clearance and removal of disruptive energies at the deepest DNA cellular level. As he guided me, Jay skillfully used sacred geometry and ancient shamanistic practices to clear stagnant patterns and disruptive energies at the DNA cellular level. The releases and clearances I experienced gave one of the deepest healing experiences I ever have had. My whole energetic system is still adjusting to a new vibrational level.“  - Juanita

“I woke up on the Friday morning after your session...and realized that I felt so light, empty, and free inside - a new feeling I can’t quite describe.

I used to be able to chant off stuff that my ex-husband had done, which gave it energy and made me angry, knowing it was in the past but I kept it alive - that is all gone now.  Those things are all a distant memory and if I do re-call something, there is no emotion behind it.

Jay, “thank you” is such a commonly used word, but I say it from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for my new beginning.”

- Cynthia

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